Parinamika Awards 2022 (Winners)

The Parinamika Awards is the international award honoring talent, excellence on the Internet.
Dileep Kumar Kandula is the founder of Dooradrushti Foundation which runs on the concept of Donate Only One rupee. He founded this organisation in the pandemic time to help people for their health and education.
  • Youth icon of India of the year 2022 – Atul Kishan Sharma
Atul Kishan Sharma is a Well known Indian businessman who works with unique ideas. Atul has also produced songs and given the new trend to the haryanvi music industry. He has also worked with event Industry and has managed many celebrities.
  • DJ of the Year 2022 – Ravetek (Ayush Singhal).
    Ayush Singhal a.k.a Ravetek
Ayush Singhal a.k.a Ravetek is One of India’s youngest, finest and fastest growing DJ and Producer Ravetek has recently grooved into the Solo project and is in a big way killing the electronic demand in the musical arena.
  • Voice of Students for Year 2022 – Youthistaan
Youthistaan is a news and media organisation, which was founded by Shivam Bangwal in year 2017.
Suneet is an experienced writer and digital entrepreneur based in Delhi and runs multiple business among which the most renowned start-ups are Contentholic and Brandholic. He is an experienced SOP Consultant and he has been helping students in preparing their profile and various documents like SOP, LOR, Resume, Admission Essays and Visa SOP, etc. Contentholic is India first formal agency which is known to offer SOP writing Services as a service in India.
  • Celebrity Manager of the Year 2022 – Mayank Singh Rajput
Mayank Singh Rajput is an Entrepreneur and Bollywood Celebrity Manager from Forbesganj, Bihar. He was born on 10 May 1998 in Forbesganj, Bihar. He is the founder and CEO of the organization known as The Digital Hunters. this firm offers services like Digital Press Release, Celebrity Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, and other digital services.
VDJ Shaan, one of the most well-known talents, has just released his new song with the title, “Losing Myself.” He has not only performed in India but has also proved his mettle overseas.
  • Film Director of the Year 2022 – Pranjal Singh
Pranjal Singh (born on 4 April 1993) is an Indian Film Director, Singer, Artist, Actor, Producer, Screen Writer, Story Writer, Social Activist from India. He first gained popularity from his photography in 2010 and later in 2013 he made a debut in motion pictures through the musical album. According To Pranjal Singh, quality is not an act, it is a habit.
People News Chronicle is a global news and media organisation which was founded in year 2021 by Shivam Bangwal with the motto of provide deep coverage on global issues.

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